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West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity

Danniel J. Petro Matching Grant

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Dollar for Dollar Match

In Honor of Danniel “Dan” J. Petro

For over 45 years, the West Orange Chamber of Commerce (WOCC) has been facilitating opportunity throughout the region.  We have built a reputation for fostering growth and inspiring progress.   The Chamber was formed on the heels of the opening of Walt Disney World and is once again at a milestone moment in its mission to support economic prosperity as West Orange County experiences unprecedented growth.  In anticipation of the continued strong growth of the West Orange business community, we are creating a state-of-the-art interior with expanded meeting areas, new member service stations, upgrades to the building’s exterior and accommodations for a growing staff to meet our members’ needs.

The WOCC growth would not have been possible without many amazing leaders in its history.  One that stands out is Danniel J. Petro.  We lost Dan to cancer on March 27, 2013, but his impact is still felt today across West Orange County.  Dan characterized almost every aspect of the Chamber’s mission.  He facilitated success for himself and many others.  He exemplified service as a teacher, Marine, business owner, entrepreneur, mentor, and philanthropist. Today, we seek to honor this man’s memory and through his legacy inspire the next generation of community leaders. 

It is the WOCC board of directors’ desire to raise $70,000 in honor of Dan and create the:

Danniel J. Petro Conference Room

Contributions, and 17 years of good fiscal planning by the Chamber’s Leadership, has resulted in our ability to execute this $588,000 capital renovation.  To date, we have secured just under $300,000 in contributions toward a $370,000 fundraising goal.  This matching gift program will help us raise $70,000 toward completing the goal.  This money must be secured in order to fully execute the renovation that is needed to serve our dynamic business community while facilitating economic growth and stability.

Thanks to Bright Future Electric, the Petro Foundation, the children of Danniel J. Petro and board members of the Chamber, dollar for dollar donations will be matched up to $35,000.  We have until May 31, 2018 to complete this task or risk the money. We hope you will consider becoming a Sapphire Society member in celebration of the 45 plus years the Chamber has been serving our West Orange community.

Click here to download the Growth Matters pledge form.

Thank you to the businesses, organizations and individuals that have participated in this fundraising match program to date: 

Nick Asma
Axiom Bank
Bright Future Electric
Cappleman Inc.
Congressman Dan and Sandy Webster
Deb Linden
Fifth Third Bank
Fishback Dominick
Gary Merideth
Gary Shif Family
Hardee’s – Haberkamp Family
Hillcrest Insurance Agency, Inc.
Jim & Eileen Neumayer
Jim & Sue Densmore
Jim Riffle – Sign Farm
Jo Barsh State Farm Insurance
JoAnne Quarles
Karr Family
Krista & Jeff Carter
Lake Apopka Natural Gas District
Lynn Walker Wright, P.A.
Mike & Dee Bennett
Milton & Wendy West
Neal & Bitsey Harris
Petro Family Foundation
Richard & Leslie Skillman
Russ & Mazie Salerno
Stina & Nick D’Uva
Suzi Karr
The Vineyard, Wine Bar and Healthy Bistro
Walt Cobb