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Mon, December 19, 2016

A Nation in Change

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Guest article by Daniel M. Entwistle, CEO of DME Consulting International

Post the recent US Election result, its been interesting to observe the manifestation of emotions and events as they unfold across the country. Businesses, markets and individuals have all responded in different ways. What’s clear, if nothing else is right now, is that we are a nation in change. However, that said... is it any different to where we were before the election? We are used to living in a world of ambiguity right? The markets are full of volatility? Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, famously quoted "change is the only constant in life…"

The Change Curve

We have seen a range of emotions on the change curve. Those who got the result they wanted in the election have gone through the journey and are in the decision/integration stage already, excited about what the future may bring. Those that did not get the outcome they desired in the election are quite possibly going through the motions still, some of which are detailed here…

  • Shock – Should we have a recount?
  • Denial – I may move to Canada! (Their government website crashed 5 times on Super Tuesday)
  • Frustration – What can we do? Some people did protest.
  • Depression – What does this mean? How is this going to impact my business and me?
  • Experiment – Some have already moved on. Some remain skeptical and will pay close attention as the President Elect builds his team.
  • Decision – Given the Republicans kept control of the House and have majority of the Senate, is policy change likely to be accelerated? And for those happy with the election result (and who were maybe back in depression stage right down to the wire) – they are now keen and excited to see action.
  • Integration – Looking into the not too distant future this is how people put differences aside and make this work – as quickly as possible.

Irrespective of the result and whether you deem the outcome as positive or negative, businesses should focus right now on what is in their sphere of control. The stories you are currently telling yourself and your employees will either be empowering and therefore “enable” you to weather the next wave of changes or, they will be damaging and “limit” your chances of survival.

  • What impact might this have on my bottom-line right now – both from a positive and negative viewpoint?
  • How will policy change effect me and when?
  • How will my customer base react?
  • What will happen to the macro economy?

All great questions I have been asked lately. You can scenario plan as to how these may play out, but one key to future proofing your business is navigating the here and now, don’t stand still. Using TetraMap (www.tetramap.com) we believe in approaching transitional change from four perspectives and use nature as a metaphor to do this. Unlike other tools, the approach doesn’t label or limit people or tasks to a set of behaviors or beliefs. Rather, it provides them with the mindset they need to understand the way they – and others - think and act, enabling them to make positive changes that lead to improved outcomes:

  • Earth – Is about being bold. Decisive.  Driving for results. Injecting pace into the business. Being focused on outcomes, knowing your goals and accelerating the delivery of the desired results
  • Air – Is about clarity in the business. What are your critical business risks and how do you plan to overcome them? How robust are internal processes and are those processes supporting business growth and the customer experience? Are you operationally efficient?
  • Water – Is about the people.  How motivated are they? What are you doing to make them feel valued? How are you developing leaders of the future? How well are your teams collaborating? Does your recruitment plan support your desired growth?
  • Fire – Is about moving forward. What’s the vision for the business? Do the team understand the big picture… the why? And how do you influence and create the energy needed to get the job done?

The above is a useful framework to help you understand others. Your people will have preferences based on the four elements above and you need to ensure you understand these to create synergy, peak performance and build profitable and sustainable business relationships. Don’t wait and sit on the fence, complete an internal review – assess your business and people today from the four perspectives and be ready, because with change always comes opportunity.

A final thought…

Be aware of what the law of precession may bring. When a stone is dropped in water we get a ripple effect. As big changes come next year then they could cause more than just ripples. The power we have is in choice, and not leaving it to chance.

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