West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
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Tue, June 16, 2020

Chairwoman’s Article June 2020

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In my role at CenturyLink, I have had the privilege to serve many various organizations within our community.  CenturyLink has been involved with the West Orange Chamber (WOCC) for decades and I have been representing them at the Chamber for over 10 years.  In that time, the WOCC has always been clear of its purpose, “Facilitating Opportunity.”  This purpose is unbiased. Whether you have a business in West Orange County or you are doing business in West Orange County, the WOCC, built upon integrity and accountability, (two of our core values) is the organization that is here for you and your business.

As the first Hispanic woman to serve in the role of Chair of the Board of Directors, I have a unique perspective and I can say without hesitation that the WOCC exists to serve by Facilitating Opportunity for ALL.  With all of the uncertainty in this time in our country’s history and pressures in our personal and professional lives, I am proud of how this organization has navigated through it all.   It has embraced the need for systemic change evidenced by its support of a national initiative by the US Chamber called “Inequality of Opportunity.”  Our Chamber will explore what role it can play in eliminating systemic racism and injustice.

It has been a privilege to serve with my fellow Executive Committee members and lead our business community at this time of warranted and long-awaited change.  With the most recent events, the WOCC Executive Committee wanted to highlight how the West Orange Chamber is a resource for ALL and making a statement on behalf of the Chamber. 

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Deborah Rios-Barnes

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