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Tue, October 10, 2017

Coming together after the storm

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Heather Papoulis

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Hurricane Irma was difficult on Orlando. However, despite the wind and rain, West Orange Chamber members came together to help and support each other before, during and after the hurricane. Before the storm, the Chamber referred all members in their respective categories, connected members offering services to anyone asking for services;  facilitating water, generators, assistance in clearing and cutting trees, evacuation locations for pets and people and local information on storm preparedness. After the storm, members wanted to know how to help each other and how, which launched the Chamber’s four-day connectedness campaign on social media. The West Orange Chamber team called members personally to check on them and see if they were in need or offering help after Irma, and connected those in need of help with those who could help.

From clearing storm debris, repairing or replacing roofs, repairing screens, seeking financial assistance for storm relief, handyman jobs, car repair, donations/volunteers/supplies for the non-profits, finding places to stay for those without water or power, or simply sharing ice,  many members offered priority, discounted or complimentary services for each other. It is truly inspiring to see everyone come together and support their fellow community members. We are proud of our West Orange Chamber community for truly #FacilitatingOpportunity.

A few of the many examples of Chamber members coming together:

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