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Tue, February 23, 2016

Exciting Developments on the Way in West Orange

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By Rob Maphis, WOCC Chairman

There is a lot happening in Orange County, especially in South and West Orange County.  Did you know that Southwest Orange County, which includes Horizon West, leads Central Florida in residential development? As we all know, as the number of rooftops increase, businesses grow.  As such, now is one those most important times to be involved in the business advocate for this region, the West Orange Chamber of Commerce.

At the February WOCC Board of Directors meeting, Orange County Commissioner Scott Boyd reported on many exciting developments in our area. These developments include many transportation projects that will serve to further enhance our community’s continued economic development and overall quality of life. For example, the proposed I-4 flyover interchange in the Dr. Phillips area, just south of Dr. Philips Park. If approved, this would help ease some of the congestion at Sand Lake Road. Another roadway project, and one of the focuses of the West Orange South Lake Transportation and Economic Development (WOSL-TED) Task Force, is the proposed East/West Connector – Corridor D known as “Wellness Way.” Construction of this connector road in Horizon West, which could start by the end of the year, will serve as a major relief to SR 50, and will be a direct connection through Horizon West to US 27 in Lake County.  

In addition to transportation, WOSL-TED will begin exploring eco- and agritourism and ways to better connect the various trail systems in West Orange County and South Lake County.  With the upcoming “Coast to Coast Connector,” a multi-use trail system that runs through most of West Orange County as it stretches across the state from St. Petersburg to Titusville, our area is poised to increase our eco- and agritourism market.  Along with our internationally-recognized theme parks, our natural assets and charming communities position this region to further expand the highly successful tourism industry and reap the benefits.

It is truly a wonderful time to be a West Orange resident, business owner or visitor.  Opportunity surrounds us and we are ripe for success, so together we can help one another reach the higher fruit!

Rob Maphis

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