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Mon, June 24, 2019

Getting on Board - The Chairman’s Article

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Back in 2003, I and a few other business leaders in Pine Hills approached the Chamber to discuss opportunities to support economic development initiatives in our community.  Because of the positive response we received and actions taken by the Chamber ever since then that are supportive of the entire business community, I knew that I had made a great decision to invest my time and resources to this Chamber.  Even though I got involved, I never imagined that I would be asked to join the Chamber board and certainly never expected to become its Chairman.

I rolled up my sleeves and got involved on committees and participated in events, The commitment I demonstrated is what led me to being asked to join the board back in 2011 and as they say, the rest is history. Serving on this board has allowed me to work alongside and build lasting relationships with some of the greatest business leaders in our community. 

The same commitment I showed years ago is what we still look for today when seeking out new board members. If you are committed to the Chamber and are interested in being asked to join the board, the first step is to complete the 2020 Expression of Interest Form.  Click here to download the 2020 Expression of Interest Form.   

Once you submit the form, more details will be sent to you on the process which is led by the Chairman of this year’s Nominating Committee, Chair-elect Deborah Rios Barnes of CenturyLink.  She and the rest of her committee will be busy this summer determining the number of aboard seats available, reviewing applications and ultimately developing the slate for 2020.  Good luck!

Another member of the Chamber’s Executive Committee who will be busy over the summer is our Treasurer, Camille Evans of Virtus LLP.  In addition to her service on our Executive Committee and Board of Directors, she serves as Chairman of the West Orange Political Alliance.  Apparently, that isn’t enough for her for volunteer service.  She was asked by Commissioner VanderLey to serve on the Orange County Charter Review Commission and was elected its chair.  We are proud of the work Camille is doing on that appointed Board as they are tasked to assess the powers of the home-rule document, the Orange County Charter; our constitution.

If you want to provide input on changes or keeping the charter as is, you have many opportunities to do so throughout the county.  There will be a meeting in West Orange on August 7th   tentatively scheduled to be held at Dr. Phillips High.  Commissioner VanderLey is slated as its guest speaker. For more information on meetings and more click here.  

Have a great summer!

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