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Tue, January 08, 2019

How to survive a water damage situation

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Guest article by Matt Da Silva, CEO Restoration

Water. It’s all around us. Literally. As humans, our bodies are naturally made up of around 65% water. So it is natural that water would find its way to revolve itself around our world, the same way it revolves around THE world. That doesn’t mean that we should let our lives be submerged by water. Whether it's cleaning, cooking or staying hydrated, our lives simply cannot function without it. Which means that every household stares at the potential for water damage, every day.

If you find yourself standing in a water damage situation (almost always literally), your first call should be to a water damage restoration professional. While they gather their arms and prepare to head to battle with your intrusion source, there are a few things that you can do to get the process started, potentially making the situation swifter and less nerve-racking.

  • When faced with water damage, start the water extraction process by attempting to remove as much standing water as possible; with a pump, towels, or other devices.
  • After the settled water has been removed, wipe up the area with towels or cloths to begin the drying method.
  • Remove any an all items that aren’t secured or permanently attached, like rugs or heavy furniture.
  • If possible, place fans or dehumidifiers as soon as all standing water is gone to assist in the drying process.

Immediately upon arriving in the scene, a professional will begin to dispatch equipment. Once set up, they will begin the water extraction process on all that you could not dry yourself. Technicians use state of the art, high-tech moisture detection devices and procedures to aid in finding any and all persisting water, down to the very last drop. This ensures that your property and possessions are all dry by the time they leave your home.

Regardless of the time, the professionals at CEO Restoration are available for you at all hours of the day. We hope you don’t find yourself ankle deep in a water damage situation. If the day comes, however, we’re here for all of your needs. Performing services in the Greater Orlando area. Give CEO Restoration a call at (407) 584-7779.

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