West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
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Tue, September 24, 2019

Our Purpose, Promise and Culture - September 2019 Chairman’s Article

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Our Chamber is so fortunate to have developed wonderful partnerships over the years with individuals and organizations in different industries, of different sizes, each bringing wonderful resources to our Chamber.  These resources allow our Chamber to live up to our purpose statement which is “Facilitating Opportunity.”  Hopefully, even if you are a new member, you have heard or seen this statement repeated in print, digitally and verbally.  It was developed by our board back in 2010 and it really has taken root and is built into everything that we do.

As I recall the development of this very deliberate, simple purpose statement and the elimination of a much longer, hard to remember mission statement, I also recall that we all knew that those two simple words, “facilitating” and “opportunity” would mean different things to each business within our Chamber.  For me, those words mean the chamber provided me, my business and my community with a voice with our local government, gave our thoughts and ideas for our community the respect and credibility we deserved and avenues for getting things done.  The chamber created a path that enabled me to get things done for my community. They were the unifying voice that we needed. The value of this isn’t measurable in dollars; rather immeasurable and invaluable.

However, as the owner of a Hardee’s in Pine Hills, I too, like most chamber members love it when members visit my store as do all other eateries and retail members.  Transactional business does help the bottom line and the Chamber does provide opportunities for you to know what businesses we have in all categories so you can do business with one another.  Other businesses may value and consider that facilitating opportunity means having the Chamber as a resource that provides learning opportunities, as we do with our Lunch and Learns, topical luncheons or spotlight speakers.

The point is that as Chamber members we all have the common purpose of facilitating opportunity, whatever it means to us individually.  The Chamber also has a brand promise, which is lesser known to most of us.  The board adopted that too and the promise that everything we do is with integrity, accountability, quality, effectiveness and fun.  This is all ingrained in the culture of our chamber too.

I am sure if you all took time to think about it, you too will recognize your company’s purpose, promise which all create the culture.  Identifying these, as our Chamber has done has enabled us to stay on focus and working for our members.

Thank you for your continued committment to the West Orange Chamber Business Community! 

Tim Haberkamp

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