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Tue, November 14, 2017

Should I Outsource my IT?

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By Carlos Perez
Principal, Perez Technology Group

Small business owners by nature wear many hats to run and manage their businesses. In many cases those responsibilities, while crucial to the operation of the business, are not the primary focus of the businesses.  One of these functions is running the technology aspect of a small business or relying on internal staff to update, upkeep and maintain their IT despite technology not being their specific area of expertise.

With the challenges business owners face today and the importance technology has on running the business, the important access to data has on meeting client needs, many small business owners are seeking ways to outsource their technology.  However, concerns such as lack of time, if their data will be secure, who to trust with their information, unknown costs, often paralyze business owners into inaction.  This is actually worse as existing IT infrastructure becomes obsolete and there is an increasing demand to have access to a company’s data at any time, from any platform and from anywhere.

Here are some tips for small business owners seeking to outsource their IT services or those who may be looking to make a switch to a more efficient and cost-effective provider:

Conduct an IT Assessment with a reputable and unbiased IT expert

An IT audit should look at the needs of the business based on its mission, vision, goals, market and evaluate if the existing IT infrastructure is meeting those needs or not, and recommend cost-effective solutions as part of the IT Assessment findings report.

Understand that cloud and mobile technology can be leveraged to enhance the growth and development of your business at a lower cost.

Many SMB’s believe that outsourcing their technology means the need to purchase expensive hardware & services. This is not always the case as cloud services actually eliminate the need for costly hardware such as servers and routers, while providing all the security, data back up and access a business needs to compete and succeed.

Recognize it may actually cost you more to manage your IT in-house

Every hour a business owner devotes to managing his or her own IT is an hour not devoted to customer service, to new business development, to product and service improvements, to managing staff and other vital operations of the business.  A small business owners time is more valuable and better spent on their core business and attending to customers than in running, updating their IT or trying to rectify IT issues.

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