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Mon, April 11, 2016

Superintendent named as a new member of “Chiefs for Change”

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Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Barbara Jenkins is one of six new members named to “Chiefs for Change.”

“Chiefs for Change” is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by bold and innovative district and state education Chiefs serving in bipartisan administrations. The vision of “Chiefs for Change” is that every public school prepare its students for today’s world and tomorrow’s. Their mission is to build a diverse community of state and local education chiefs dedicated to the vision and to support them in ways that maximize the success of their efforts.

“Chiefs for Change” is a voice for change at the federal, state, and local levels. They have found that outdated rules, political fights, gridlock, ideology, and bureaucracy have distracted the country from doing everything possible to expand student opportunity and empower educators in our schools.

The members are guided by the truth that all children can learn and have a right to learn. They believe that decisions should be based on rich and accurate information about student learning and school quality; and that bold and practical leadership is essential to the fulfillment of the vision. They believe in systems that attract, support, and retain highly effective teachers and principals.

John White, Chairman, Chiefs for Change, said, “We have been impressed with the approach and actions Dr. Jenkins has taken, and the results she has achieved to date, as Superintendent of Orange County Schools. As a member of Chiefs for Change, we believe she would contribute significantly to our efforts to advocate on behalf of all students and to share practical expertise among state and district Chiefs across the country.”

Barbara Jenkins, Superintendent of Orange County Public Schools, said she was pleased to be joining forces with mission-aligned colleagues from around the country.  “I believe these committed leaders will offer diverse solutions to the challenges our students face, and that our alignment around a common vision for educating all students will afford us an opportunity to impact change on a national scale.”

For more information about Chiefs for Change visit their website or contact:

Michael Magee, Ph.D., CEO, Chiefs for Change
1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 400-311, Washington, DC 20004
(202) 780-8324  |  www.chiefsforchange.org 

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