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Tue, April 23, 2019

Working the Chamber and Working the Room

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As the year progresses, the West Orange Chamber’s (WOCC) continued focus of providing the proper programs and activities should demonstrate our commitment to being “All about the Members”.  With that in mind, and referring back to the strategic plan the board set in place last year, the WOCC is focusing on areas of greatest importance to our membership.  Those areas are Business, Professional and Workforce Development.  In response to that, the WOCC Board of Directors retooled our committee structure to better fit the needs of our membership.  It was decided, the best way to accomplish this was to combine the Education and Small Business Development Committees into one, the Business, Professional and Workforce Development Committee (3D Committee).  The Board knows that the development and improvement in all of these areas will benefit the bottom line for our businesses which in turn builds a stronger business community which is a keystone for a thriving community like West Orange County. 

This year, the 3D committee is developing a 3 session, Lunch and Learn Series with the theme, “Fit & Ready”.  This themed series will focus on the soft skills/leadership traits to fit the culture of each business to maximize profits.   The WOCC has heard from many of our members that they hire for hard skills, the specific knowledge and abilities required for success in a job, yet they fire for a lack of soft skills.  Soft Skills are much harder to define but include communication and listening skills or any skill that can be classified as a personality trait or habit.

The first session in this series is, “How to Work a Room So it Works for YOU!”.   This session, led by Annetta Wilson, will help you grow the skills to get the most from business gatherings and develop the art of networking to build relationships that will ultimately benefit your career, your business and/or your organization’s mission.  By the end of the session, you will know how to mingle, read body language, build rapport and think on your feet without your Power Point and handouts.  Then, to enhance our members learning experience, we are offering the attendees of the Lunch and Learn a special Interactive Bonus Workshop.  This bonus workshop, held at the WOCC office, will give participants the opportunity to practice the techniques and further fine tune the newly learned skills. 

We are very fortunate to have Annetta Wilson leading these two events.  She is a Certified Mastery Coach and Certified Trainer, who is a business strategist specializing in presentation skills training, communication skills coaching and media training for executives, entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts. Annetta trains and coaches individuals and groups, such as, on-air journalists, Walt Disney World’s Ambassador Program, executives at AAA and Tupperware Brands, among others. 

“Having been coached by Annetta, I feel more in control and empowered with my public image, and focusing my message and personal brand” stated WOCC Board Member & OCPS Board Member Pam Gould. 

To learn more about the upcoming Lunch and Learn session, please click here.  Another big project the 3D committee is working on is Dining Deals.  This special program, still being developed, is geared to driving business to our member food & beverage vendors during a slow time of the year.  Stay tuned for more detailed information to be presented soon. 

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