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West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity

Benefits of Membership

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Considering Joining the Chamber?
The purpose of the West Orange Chamber of Commerce is to Facilitate Opportunities for our members and provide the resources to increase their revenue and bottom line.


The West Orange Chamber brand is consistently associated with being one of the best and most prestigious chambers in the State of Florida. The Chamber’s success is due, in part, to its constant drive to improve the quality and value of the programs and opportunities offered to its members. Led by strong and driven leadership, the award-winning and highly respected West Orange Chamber is a proven and intelligent business investment.​


The West Orange Chamber facilitates member opportunities by driving value in these four main areas of focus. If you can leverage just one of these four areas, you will realize the opportunities that your membership offers and achieve your business objectives.

  • Relationship Building Live and In Person – Come and meet the business representatives that you want to do business with by attending some of the over 100 Chamber exclusive events and programs happening each year.
  • Marketing Your Message Targeted – Build your brand awareness and get your message out to the West Orange market through multiple proven channels, built by the Chamber at little or no cost to you.
  • Education Knowledge is Powerful – Take advantage of the business instructional topics that the Chamber provides to increase your skills and awareness and be one step ahead of the competition.
  • Advocacy Watching Out for You – Rest assured, the Chamber has access and influence on economicdevelopment opportunities and governmental issues that are happening in our part of the world that can affect your business.

Call the Chamber office at 407-656-1304, email the Membership Department,