Logo Use Policy

As part of your membership with the West Orange Chamber of Commerce (WOCC), we encourage member businesses and organizations to use the WOCC logo on member business websites, letterhead, cards, and other media and promotional materials. Use of the WOCC logo is reserved for members only! Showcasing the WOCC logo at your business and on promotional materials will enhance public perception of your business, as it communicates that you are a Proud Member and supporter of the West Orange business community. This policy is designed to facilitate fair use of our logo. If you would like to make any use of our logo that is not covered by this document, please contact us at kfeigel@wochamber.com and include a visual mockup of the intended use.

Usage Policy

For the entirety of this policy, the word “logo” is understood to include the WOCC logo in print or digital form, WOCC window clings, WOCC annual plaques, and all other WOCC promotional materials. By using the WOCC logo on your media you acknowledge that it is, and shall remain the property of the WOCC and agree to be bound by these policies:

– My business or organization is a current WOCC member and in good standing to use the WOCC logo.

– I acknowledge that the WOCC logo is a collective membership mark owned by the WOCC.

– I may not alter the logo in any manner and will use the logo in the colors provided by the WOCC.

– I may not display the logo on any Media that disparages the WOCC, its products, services, or members.

– WOCC membership does not equate to endorsement, support, or any other association with my activities, products, or services. I may not display the logo in any manner that implies such.

– The logo may not be displayed as a feature or design element of any other.

– For online use, we request that the WOCC logo be an active link to the WOCC website homepage at wochamber.com. The logo’s image ALT tag must-read “West Orange Chamber of Commerce”.

– Members will cease using the logo within 72 hours of a written request (including by email) of the WOCC or upon their membership expiration.

– The WOCC reserves the right to terminate or modify the above terms and permission to display the logo at any time and without advanced notice. The WOCC further reserves the right to take action against any logo use that does not conform to these policies infringes on any WOCC intellectual property or other right or violates other applicable law.

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