Orange County’s rural communities are important to the county’s quality of life, history, and lifestyle. To preserve these community assets, the County’s Rural Settlement designation establishes policies and corresponding land uses that retain these communities’ rural character.  In West Orange County, the Lake Avalon community was designated a Rural Settlement by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners in May 2004. The Lake Avalon Rural Settlement designation will help to ensure that this community’s legacy remains in place while maintaining and enhancing the community’s quality of life for the residents of Lake Avalon.

In the Lake Avalon Rural Settlement, residential properties have densities that vary from one residence per acre, one residence per two acres, and one resident per five acres. Limited neighborhood, commercial, and office uses are allowed in the rural settlement to support the community’s residents.  These densities support Orange County’s goals of providing for housing diversity.  With its history dating from the 1920s, the Lake Avalon community is a cornerstone of West Orange County.