Pine Hills is a community of many cultures and one bright future. Founded in 1952 by developer Gordon Barnett, Pine Hills was originally constructed to serve the working families of Martin Marietta’s defense facility and is one of Orlando’s first suburbs. During those early years, the community prospered as an upper middle-class suburb. Over the years, Pine Hills developed a rich heritage that continues to grow with each passing year. We are a uniquely diverse population representing people from all walks of life. Today, we are a true multi-cultural community that embraces all religions, ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures. Our citizens enjoy a life that is defined by family, faith, pride and resiliency.

We are a community of neighborhoods and families. There are more than 60,000 people and some 30,000 households in Pine Hills. Pine Hills has the highest percentage of owner-occupied residences in Orange County. Pine Hills possesses an abundance of quality, ranch-style homes, many of which are located on oversized lots suited for growing families.

Although we face many challenges, we strive to make a better life for each new generation that calls Pine Hills home. We nurture our youth so they can thrive and succeed in a global economy and a diverse world. This can be seen in the halls of Maynard Evans High School, where Trojan Pride has become the heart and soul of our community and the anchor of our neighborhoods. Evans High School is Florida’s only community school. It offers students, their families and residents a broad array of opportunities for academic achievement and personal growth. It provides on-campus extended learning opportunities, health services and a parent resource/family support center that are design to provide comprehensive approach to developing healthy minds and bodies. Our students are already setting records for outstanding performance. In 2017, Evans  won the prestigious Mutual of America Community Partnership Award in recognition of its outstanding success is forging community relationships in order to serve its students, beating out dozens of other organizations nationwide. As part of the prize, Mutual of America produced a documentary on the school and its success.

Finally, the Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District (PHNID) is leading redevelopment efforts and investment in the local economy. The PHNID seeks to revitalize the core of Pine Hills by creating a Town Center at the intersection of Pine Hills Road and Silver Star Road. We will see many positive changes in Pine Hills. The PHNID launched a successful anti-litter campaign encouraging residents to “Spruce up Pine Hills!” The campaign included billboards, community clean ups and dissemination of educational materials.

A recently completed bicycle and pedestrian safety study of the area will result in several safety improvements along Pine Hills Road, as well as installation of a neighborhood gateway featuring landscaping, lighting and signage at Pine Hills and Silver Star Road.  In the coming years, Pine Hills will be well-positioned to benefit from new investment opportunities with the continued support and involvement of its residents and business leaders.

We are strong. We are family. We are Pine Hills!