Revive & Thrive Powered by UCF’s SBDC

Revive & Thrive Powered by UCF’s SBDC

West Orange Chamber of Commerce | Every 4th Tuesday

One of the biggest challenges with running a business is that it’s hard to be an expert in everything! This is crucial when you are the person running everything from answering the phones to fulfilling orders.

Many business owners don’t know all the resources that are available to them. One resource is the West Orange Chamber’s ‘Revive & Thrive‘ program.

The Revive & Thrive Program is designed to specifically help businesses with all kinds of business-related activities, including providing guidance with marketing, human resources exporting, and financing.

This resource can be a huge help to people who are just starting out, or to business owners looking to grow.  The Revive & Thrive program is a cooperative offering between the West Orange Chamber and the Florida Small Business Center at the University of Central Florida. 

On the 4th Tuesday of each month, a certified business consultant from the Florida SBDC at UCF is at the West Orange Chamber offering confidential consulting sessions, which are unlimited and no-cost.

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