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So, you finally made the decision, you want to get a dog!  But before you run out and pick your furry new best friend, you should consider a few things.  At Dog Training Elite Orlando, we are professional dog trainers and we want dog knowledge to become common knowledge and to help people raise the most stable and well-rounded dogs possible.

Proper research is key! Is your lifestyle appropriate for a dog and vice versa?  Am I dealing with a great reputable breeder?  Who will train my new best friend?    Once you have determined that your lifestyle is appropriate for a dog and you found the most reputable breeder, you need to focus on training. 

Proper training ensures that your new dog will be raised a stable, obedient dog with the proper structure it needs. With training, you can prevent many behavioral issues from ever happening and help you have better relationships with your pets. Training should not be an afterthought when problems arise, it should be done as a preventative measure. If you fail to show a dog structure and what is wrong or right, they did not fail you, you failed them. You are showing them the proper way to behave, just as you would your own children. It is essential to do training for 15-30 minutes minimum daily from the moment you get a puppy, and just as much if not double that of providing exercise for your pet. If a puppy was fully trained before you pick them up, that is great, but if you do not use it, you lose it! You have to maintain consistency at all times when having a dog.

Now let’s get into different kind of dog trainers. There are positive reinforcement only trainers, correction based trainers and balanced dog trainers.

Positive reinforcement trainers believes that a dog should only have good experiences and correcting the dog is “bad”. If a dog jumps on the couch, then jumps off and gets a treat, the dog has then been rewarded to jump on and off the couch to get a treat. The treat also loses its value when things that are more attractive such as another dog, squirrel etc. It is also unrealistic to always have a treat in your hand to get your dog to listen to you.

Correction based trainers only believe in jumping in to correct a dog when they are not doing something right. The dog does not get any reward for good behaviors. This, too, is negative and does not build a bond with a dog. Dog are not robots and they have emotions and need to build bonds to other living things as much as we do. Last but not least, there is Balanced dog trainers and it sounds exactly as the name suggests, finding a balance. This is the healthiest way to train a dog on how live a life in general. We all need to find balance in our lives otherwise problems arise, the same goes for dogs. When a dog is doing something right, they get rewarded, and when they are doing something wrong, they get corrected or redirected. This gives the dog the fullest picture and understanding of what we expect out of them.

Dog training is an essential part of having a dog. It ensures the humans and dogs can exist together peacefully and understand each other. When people pick a dog or breed they want, instead of what fits their lifestyle, problems arise and they can end up in very desperate situations. It is important that people understand the commitment and do the proper research prior to getting a dog.   Once you have a well-trained dog, you and the dog can enjoy your time together that much more.  If you have dog training questions or you want to learn about the services we offer, please feel free to contact Dog Training Elite Orlando.  You are more than happy to help you and your canine friends! 


Cheyenne and Chelsea Emery


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