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West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity

Thursday Networking Group

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Let’s network!

The Tuesday Group meets in Winter Garden, one of the Wednesday Groups meets in Ocoee, the newest group meets in Horizon West, and our Thursday Group meets in Dr. Phillips. Even though the groups meet within those areas, Enhanced Level members and above from any area may join one of these groups, if a spot is open.

This Group allows for one business per industry or specific segments within each industry. To find out if there is an opening for your business or to be added to the waitlist, please contact Jim Zeitschel at

Our mission is to learn all about our members and their respective businesses and to help ‘Facilitate Opportunities’ to increase their businesses through referrals.

This group has meetings on the second and fourth Thursday of the month (except for holidays) from 8:30 am – 9:30 am.


The Town Square at the Rosen JCC

11184 S. Apopka-Vineland Rd.

Orlando, FL 32836

For Specific Dates, please visit the WOCC Calendar.

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Group Benefits

The West Orange Chamber is proud of its purpose of “facilitating opportunities” for all our members.  The purpose means different things for each business. However, some of our members prefer the smaller groups that our Networking Groups provide for relationship building.  If you prefer that as well, the group may be perfect for you.  They do require commitment to not only attending the weekly or bi-weekly meetings, yet also your willingness to not only receive referrals, yet also give.

The groups also allow for opportunities to present information about your products, services and industry knowledge.  In addition to referrals, you also will be able to able to demonstrate what you know to help other businesses and learn from others.

The Chamber Team also shares worthwhile information at each of these meetings in order to keep you up to date on opportunities to grow your business.

Let us help you expand your business by connecting you with other Chamber Member businesses who learn about you, your business and/or your product or service and share the information with others who need your product(s) or service(s).

We are limited to one (1) per industry, if you see your category is filled, let the Chamber Team identify other opportunities within the Chamber programming that will satisfy your business needs.  With multiple committees and events, you are sure to find many ways to participate and get the ROI out of your investment which keeps you coming back every year!

Group Members

  • Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

    Adrianna Alejandro
    Marketing Specialist
    Email | Website

  • C-Solutions

    Ron Cervantes
    Email | Website

  • Folio Real Estate and Property Management

    Tina Carroll
    Email | Website

  • Harry Levine Insurance

    Rani Roylance
    Risk Manager
    407-855-1000 ext 7007
    Email | Website

  • Rosen JCC

    Dara Shapiro
    Director of Community and Business Development
    Email | Website

  • Karst Media

    Kaitlyn Fusco
    Associate Publisher
    Email | Website

  • Stockworth Realty

    Rob Rahter
    Email | Website

  • Vines Grille & Wine Bar

    Kai Carter
    Event Sales Manager
    Email | Website

Rules of the Group

West Orange Chamber Networking Groups Policies and Procedures


Policies and Procedures for Tuesday, Wednesday, Horizon West, and Thursday Groups

  • To be a member of a West Orange Chamber Networking Group, all members must be in good standing and at the Enhanced level of membership and above.
  • (FOR HW, WED, THUR GROUPS) A member who misses three consecutive Networking Group meetings may be asked to leave the group whether or not there is a waiting list for that particular industry.
  • (FOR TUESDAY GROUP) It’s the TNG’s attendance policy that you are permitted one free absence whenever you’d like over the course of a month. Absences from meetings the Tuesday after a Monday federal holiday will be considered excused and will not count against your attendance record. After that, any further missed meetings without extraordinary circumstances put you in violation of the group’s policies. Those who do will get an email from the Group Admin. Future recurring attendance problems will be handled at the Chamber level.
  • Substitutions are permitted when the designated representative is unable to attend; substitute must be from the same business.
  • Non-Chamber member attendees may attend one meeting. If they do not join the Chamber after attending one meeting, they will not be invited to attend future meetings.
  • All Chamber members may visit each group once a year and introduce themselves to the group.
  • Members may only belong to one weekly or bi-weekly Chamber networking group at a time.
  • Only Chamber members of the group will be permitted to make presentations at a Networking Group function.
  • Group members should refrain from speaking about events or business projects which involve non-members.
  • Shout outs can be made to Chamber, non-group members.



West Orange Chamber Staff Support

  • Chamber staff will provide prospective members with Chamber investment and membership information.
  • Issues that arise in the networking groups, which are not quickly resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, will be turned over to the Chamber staff for resolution.


An Enhanced Level member may speak about their business in their second industry provided to the Chamber, as long as the second industry has been approved by the group administrator. (See additional guidelines below for speaking on a second industry).

An Elite Level member may speak about the two members\ businesses as part of this level of membership and within both of the designated industries (per business), provided by the Chamber, as long as the second industry has been approved by the group administrator.

Exclusive Level members may speak about up to four-member businesses as part of this level of membership and within both designated industries (per business), provided by the Chamber, as long as the second industries have been approved by the group administrator.  The right to attend two different Networking Groups is only the right of the Elite or Exclusive level or Trustee level of membership as part of their additional membership(s) under different business names.


Additional Guidelines for Speaking on Second Industry

  • The group administrator will verify that the industry is official, available and that the member is an Enhanced, Elite, Exclusive, or a Trustee member
  • If the industry is available and an official industry, then the group administrator will update the website to reflect two industries. At that point, the member will be able to speak on both industries during their 30-second elevator speech
  • The member may also opt to rotate their industries from session to session, rather than speaking about both in one session
  • The same rules will apply in the member’s group presentation in regard to their ability to speak on two industries, but not at two presentations unless they are Elite, Exclusive or Trustee members since they have more than one membership

“The Tuesday, Wednesday and Horizon West groups allow for one business per industry or specific segments within each industry.  The Thursday group allows for two businesses per industry.  To find out if there is an opening for you or to be added to a waiting list, please contact the Group Administrator.”



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