Timothy Clifford® Earns The Bucket Plan® Certification

Local financial advisor will now offer new planning process to clients

Winter Garden, FL – 01/31/2020  – Timothy Clifford, Financial Consultant with Core Wealth Consultants LLC, earned The Bucket Plan Certification from Clarity 2 Prosperity, a financial training, coaching, and IP development organization. The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process that is mastered during this certification process provides a strategic, structured approach to bucketing assets for today’s biggest financial dangers and challenges. As a part of his dedication to ongoing education and commitment to serving his clients, Clifford went through an intensive training process and a proctored exam in Cleveland to earn his certification in this comprehensive financial planning process.

“Navigating market volatility, taxes, inflation, and increasing life expectancies can be a challenge when planning for retirement today. Play it too safe and you may not keep up with inflation and too much risk can wipe out your savings,” said Clifford. “I’m eager to introduce The Bucket Plan approach to my clients to help mitigate all these risks through a structured, segmented approach that provides a clear, easy-to-understand financial plan.”

Designed to serve the best interest of clients, The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process trains advisors on how to use a range of planning tools to simplify the planning process for clients while addressing complex challenges. Each personalized plan accounts for a client’s income needs, time horizon, and tax qualifications. Some of these tools include:

  • Education on The Money Cycle and sequence of returns risk to avoid missing the most critical financial planning step in transitioning to retirement
  • An Asset Sheet Questionnaire to accurately inventory financial assets
  • An Income Gap Assessment to identify supplemental income needs and
  • A Volatility Tolerance Analysis to determine comfort with market volatility in each of the segmented buckets

“As a financial advisor, I have been using The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process with my clients for a number of years. In that time, we have presented this process to the Department of Labor, leading financial institutions, and advisors nationwide as a means to provide financial planning in the best interest of clients. The Bucket Plan Certification program is the latest development to help consumers recognize advisors committed to ongoing education and serving the best interest standard,” said Jason L Smith, president, CEO and founder of the training company Clarity 2 Prosperity and author of “The Bucket Plan: Protecting and Growing Your Wealth for a Worry-Free Retirement.” “I’m excited to welcome Tim as part of this group of advisors and I am confident he will continue to bring new value and ideas to his clients.”

For more information, visit www.corewealthconsultants.com    or call 407-393-5985.

About Clarity 2 Prosperity 

Clarity 2 Prosperity is a financial training, coaching and IP development organizations founded and led by advisors, coaches and business leaders. Their mission is to shift advisor focus from selling products to becoming holistic service providers, effectively serving the comprehensive needs of American families. Clarity 2 Prosperity partners with likeminded advisors who want to build holistic planning practices and trains them on how to incorporate investment, insurance, tax and estate planning into one congruent plan. Advisors are provided on-demand access to the financial planning, operational and marketing processes necessary to operate a holistic planning practice through the company’s innovative university style e-Learning platform. For more information about Clarity 2 Prosperity, visit www.Clarity2Prosperity.com or call (888) 240-1923.

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