The WOCC, as the collective voice for business leadership and community partnerships that
advances a positive eco-system for the West Orange Community, has been monitoring and
researching the Orange County Transportation Initiative. After much consideration and
stakeholder input, the WOCC Board of Directors voted to support the passage of the one-cent
transportation sales tax and requested that the Board of County Commissioners place the
referendum on the November ballot.

On, Tuesday, April 26, after much consideration and discussion, the Board of County
Commissioners voted to add this referendum to the November General Ballot.
With the tremendous growth of Orange County, specifically West Orange County, the
transportation needs of the community have grown and the revenue from this initiative will
help alleviate current and future transportation issues. Not only will these funds be utilized to
remedy dangerous intersections and help pedestrian and bicycle safety, a percentage of the
funds will be shared with the local municipalities to be used for their local transportation

Now is the time to address and begin the work that needs to be done to improve transportation
in our community. Our community deserves full commitment to solutions that ensure that we
remain thriving and vibrant.

The chamber will host a luncheon with municipal leaders in early September to learn all about
the tax and how it will positively impact West Orange County.

Until then, to learn more about this initiative, please click here.

To read the WOCC official position, click here.