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West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity
West Orange Chamber of Commerce Facilitating Opportunity

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Tue January 26, 2021

Chairwoman’s Article January 2021

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We certainly know that everything doesn’t change just because the calendar year changes. In fact, we’re very thankful that, in some ways, the more things change other things remain the same. I am quite thankful that even in these unprecedented times our members can continue to rely on the steadfast passion and strength of our Chamber leadership and staff to provide empowering information and facilitate real opportunities for everyone.

Throughout 2020, the West Orange Chamber of Commerce stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our members as our region faced the most drastic hit in economic activity in recent history. A global pandemic, shutdowns, unemployment, re-openings, emergency funding, social unrest, and a long and dramatic election season all clouded 2020. But even with all its turmoil, 2020 reminded us that (i) hustle and hard work are still rewarded; (ii) change is inevitable, and only those who choose innovation will survive; and (iii) going alone may get you there faster, but if you want to go farther, we’re going to have to go together.

The beauty of the West Orange Chamber of Commerce is that even through challenging times our membership remains strong, a testament to the value each of us has come to know and trust as an organization focused on the core strength of West Orange County.  The strength we share today is attributable to the members, leaders and staff that have served and remained active. It is in service to those who stand with Chamber now and those who have come before that I enthusiastically kick-off this year as the 2021 Chairwoman, alongside the Executive Committee, including Chair-Elect J.T. McWalters (Orlando Magic), Treasurer Dr. Kim Hardy (UCF Valencia West), Human Resources Director Paul McNamara (Reed Nissan), and our illustrious Immediate-Past Chairwoman, Deborah Rios-Barnes (CenturyLink), and our outstanding Board of Directors.

We stand ready to grow our ranks, build stronger and broader relationships within our ranks, and improve outcomes for our Chamber membership and the community we call home. We will do that by aggressively developing and executing the 2021 Tactical Plan, which is founded on the Chamber’s cornerstone programming like Networking Groups, Business After Hours, Lead and Feeds, and other premier events, and enhanced with innovative programming aimed at stretching the Chamber to rise and meet the needs of the entire 2021 West Orange business community.

Always remember that our Chamber’s success is rooted in the value we place on each member. Each of us, as small businesses, sole proprietorships, corporations, governmental entities and officials, independent sector organizations and individuals are all critical to the strength and success of our Chamber. And, as our Chamber membership thrives, so shall our community, even through these challenging times. So, let’s stand together and turn up our hustle and innovation, knowing that our success and leadership this season, will serve our community well as we facilitate greater opportunities for all.


Camille M. Evans, Esq. 

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